Spring has Sprung!

After a long wait mother nature has finally let us start to get back out into our fields. Spring is a busy time for sure! Sean has been hard at work getting our hoophouse all ready for our greens to go in, which will be ready by our first market day at Lincolnville Farmers’ Market at Dot’s on May 16th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We have spinach, kale, lettuce, kohlrabi, and cabbage planted and tucked away safely for the early spring season. We are glad to have some green life back on the farm while many of our other seedlings are happily growing in the greenhouse space we are renting this season.

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Beyond getting our fields ready, Sean and his father built a beautiful chicken coop for our four happily laying girls. We plan to eventually grow our chicken flock but for now we are happily enjoying our fresh eggs and can’t wait for all our other on-farm ingredients to be ready to throw into the pan!

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Spring… Here we come

The snow keeps on piling up over here, but thats not going to stop us from seeding our first batch of crops in the hoop house. This week a bed of arugula, one of baby carrots, another of scallions, and a few beds of kale and chard all made it in during a rare thaw. I’ve considered the hoop house to be a valuable hedge in providing more varied crops early in the season, particularly to the CSA. While we can only dream of seeding out in the field, its nice to get a jump on the season any way that we can.

2015 CSA

Winter is here, and there’s nothing we can do except get ready for our second season. For anyone interested in signing up with us for the 2015 CSA with Siberia Farm, please keep a look out for more info. As a general rule, the price will stay the same at $550 for the 17 weeks of veggies (and hopefully strawberries too!).

At this point we are transitioning to living off the grid and the first thing to go was the internet, so updates may be more scattered, and emails not quite returned as quickly as I would like. But we will be delivering the brochures for the 2015 CSA to Siberia as soon as they are printed up. Stay tuned.

Looking Forward to Next Year…

The farm is still producing but it is starting to wrap up for the season. The Maine winter is closing in and we will take whatever we can get from here on out. Ol’ Man Winter is nipping at our toes and only the hardiest greens and roots survive outside.


This past month we have been busy working on the back field some more. We now have over 150 blueberry plants out back which should be bearing a bountiful crop in no time at all. We also transplanted most of our strawberries and next year’s pastures are ready to go and are a nice mix of grasses and clover.


We plan on incorporating some livestock into the rotation next season. We will certainly have a couple of pigs to till up a bit of land that will eventually be our herb and perennial crop garden. We are also going to raise a couple of cashmere goats for meat, fleece and pelts.

The farm is coming together very nicely and we are grateful for everything it has produced and continues to produce this year. This is a long-term project as all true sustainable farms should be, and we are just getting started! Thanks for all who have supported us this year and we look forward to growing the most sustainable veggies for you and your family for years to come. There is a lot more to look forward to over the years as we work towards offering a full range of local, nutritious, and delicious products!

Fall on the Farm

The air is crisp but it is not too cold yet. We planted a lot of greens hoping for a late flush, and so far so good! With a little bit of rain hopefully we will have some nice, tender greens right through the month of October. Once the greens are out the fields will be ready to put to sleep in preparation for winter, we are just getting started over here. DSCF0988

Summer On the Farm

The farm is really coming into full swing. The spring crops are tilled under and the summer crops are starting to come around. We’ve tasted our first few cherry tomatoes with many more coming down the pipeline. The fall carrots, broccoli, cabbage, winter squash, and popcorn all look good so far.DSCF0887

One of the long term projects here at the farm is to rehab our back field. The field had been growing corn for twenty or so years before we bought the land, so we decided to give it a rest this season. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of clover that self seeded, as the clover fixes nitrogen in the soil, as well as provides a massive amount of organic matter when it is cut. I began mowing a small field in the back that will serve as a vegetable garden at some point, probably the 2016 growing season. The field is basically entirely clover, and with each successive mowing a more substantial mat of organic matter gets laid down on the soil. The clover continues to grow right through it, coming back stronger and thicker after each cutting.DSCF0856

Part of the beauty of the farm is seeing just how nature takes care of the open soil that was the corn field. Besides the clover, there has been an abundance of daisies, goldenrod, a few wild raspberries, and countless other varieties of plants that I have yet to identify. Along with the plants come a wide array of animal and insect life, particularly birds and various pollinators. It really is amazing to see how nature brings herself back into an equilibrium. As the years go by we hope to manipulate the field in such a way as to make it bear bountiful fruits and veggies for us, while also maintaining large areas of open space where nature can take charge.

New Life on the Farm

It has been a busy few weeks over here at Murphy Family Farm, as you can probably tell by our lack of farm updates. We now have a few weeks of CSA shares behind us and have been attending our market in Lincolnville for over a month. We also have some new additions to the farm. Our second field, about a half acre, has been tilled up for us by a neighbor farmer and it has also been prepped and planted with squash, corn, and beans by Sean. Another particularly adorable farm addition are our seven baby chicks!




Spring Updates

The farm is now in full swing! Everything has been planted in our first field from pea tops and asian greens to tomatoes, baby carrots and peanuts. This coming week will be the start of our Siberia Farms CSA – we are excited about readying the shares and hope our members are excited for their first Spring share!

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 9.05.07 AM

We are just about ready to till up our next field since it has finally dried out enough. The plan for this field includes winter squash, green beans, dry beans, watermelon, and more. Our farm’s plan is to feed the community and calorie-filled crops like these allow us to meet our goal and feed our customers into the winter months.

The farm is thriving with growth and even some peas are starting to form in our hoophouse. We have tried a few that have already formed and they are delicious, we cannot wait to get them out in a few weeks with our CSA shares as well as bring them to market!


Our First Farmers’ Market!

Today we had our first farmers’ market in Lincolnville at Dot’s Cafe on Route 1. We are very excited about this brand new market – it has a lot of potential. There are a variety of vegetable vendors, a meat and eggs vendor, and even organic freshly milled grain (we bought a bag of early riser corn meal that was milled 2 days ago!) Shortly, there will also be lobster.

If you’re ever traveling the coast on Route 1 on a Friday afternoon stop by for a great selection of fresh Maine grown and harvested goods and great prepared foods at Dot’s. It runs every Friday from 11 to 3.


Spring in Full Swing

DSCF0787We’ve been busy down on the farm this week planting a little bit of everything. We now have 175 pounds of potatoes in the ground, a bed of turnips, a bed of kale, nearly a full bed of lettuce, some cabbage and scallions, and even a 100 foot bed of sunflowers. A huge thanks goes out to Village Farm for their generosity supplying us with a full load of excess seedlings, thanks to their support we are now right on track with our crops for our markets and CSA. If you are in the market for organically grown seedlings for your own garden this summer make sure you check out Village Farm’s Seedling sale next week in Freedom, they have some great looking stuff (they are certainly helping us look like pros).

Don’t forget to check us out at our first ever market at Dot’s on Route 1 in Lincolnville this coming Friday, May 16 from 11 to 3. There should be some kale, radishes, pea tops, hopefully some tokyo bekana, and a little baby spinach. We are looking forward to offering much more as the season progresses, but for now we will enjoy the bounty this spring has provided.