Looking Forward to Next Year…

The farm is still producing but it is starting to wrap up for the season. The Maine winter is closing in and we will take whatever we can get from here on out. Ol’ Man Winter is nipping at our toes and only the hardiest greens and roots survive outside.


This past month we have been busy working on the back field some more. We now have over 150 blueberry plants out back which should be bearing a bountiful crop in no time at all. We also transplanted most of our strawberries and next year’s pastures are ready to go and are a nice mix of grasses and clover.


We plan on incorporating some livestock into the rotation next season. We will certainly have a couple of pigs to till up a bit of land that will eventually be our herb and perennial crop garden. We are also going to raise a couple of cashmere goats for meat, fleece and pelts.

The farm is coming together very nicely and we are grateful for everything it has produced and continues to produce this year. This is a long-term project as all true sustainable farms should be, and we are just getting started! Thanks for all who have supported us this year and we look forward to growing the most sustainable veggies for you and your family for years to come. There is a lot more to look forward to over the years as we work towards offering a full range of local, nutritious, and delicious products!

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