Nestled atop Ayer Ridge in the beautiful town of Freedom, Maine, Murphy Family Farm strives to develop a thriving, sustainable, diversified operation to supply the local community with the freshest, most nutritious food available.

Our land will remain free of unnatural chemical-based pesticides and herbicides regardless of our labels. We eat the food we grow, and wouldn’t even consider contaminating it with noxious poisons of any sort.

We believe that a healthy, strong community starts at home, and that is why we are here to offer you only the best.



Our Main Fields

There is currently about an acre and half of land tilled up at the farm. The tilled sections are broken up into three sections, with plans to rotate through the years. Our primary vegetable garden for the 2014 season will be a 200’x100′ field, complete with a small hoop house for an extended growing season. Our storage crops will be grown on our smaller field, while our other large garden has been seeded to a variety of cover crops and will remain fallow for the year.




Focus on Sustainability

Healthy foods start with a healthy soil, our goal here at the farm is to maintain and build the beautiful Marlow soils that have built up since the last ice age. We’re using a variety of cover crops in conjunction with organic matter including compost and seaweed to build the soils right from the beginning.

One of the first projects we’ve started is an old fashioned root cellar. We plan to store fruits and vegetables in the hand dug cellar throughout the year once it is complete. We hope to use this to store all of our veggies, even our greens. Using stored ice and the natural insulation of the earth, we hope to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for grid-based refrigeration.