Spring Updates

The farm is now in full swing! Everything has been planted in our first field from pea tops and asian greens to tomatoes, baby carrots and peanuts. This coming week will be the start of our Siberia Farms CSA – we are excited about readying the shares and hope our members are excited for their first Spring share!

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 9.05.07 AM

We are just about ready to till up our next field since it has finally dried out enough. The plan for this field includes winter squash, green beans, dry beans, watermelon, and more. Our farm’s plan is to feed the community and calorie-filled crops like these allow us to meet our goal and feed our customers into the winter months.

The farm is thriving with growth and even some peas are starting to form in our hoophouse. We have tried a few that have already formed and they are delicious, we cannot wait to get them out in a few weeks with our CSA shares as well as bring them to market!


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