And What a Summer It Has Been…

Wow, it may just be us but doesn’t it seem like this summer has just flown by? It is hard to believe that it is already September. Our CSA and markets are coming closer to wrapping up but our fields are still producing bountiful amounts of baby carrots, potatoes, greens, and more!

photo 4 photo 1photo 3 photo 2

As fall approaches our corn is growing quickly and our sunflowers are coming to the end of their reign. We have had a great season thus far and plan to end it accordingly and are already planning for next year.

photo 4 photo 3

This year a focus of our farm has been saving our own seeds. This fall all the kale and mustard will be grown from our own saved seeds, this is a very exciting venture for us and allows us to become self-sufficient and not dependent on seed companies who may have a crop failure certain years or may choose to stop offering certain varieties we depend on.

Throughout the summer we have been feeding our chickens and goats with our leftover produce, it gives them quite a feast that they all enjoy together. Our goats have grown quite a bit since the beginning of the season and are just as playful and silly as ever.

photo 2

photo 5

Life on the farm has been busy but good. We look forward to a pleasant fall, a restful winter, and another great season shortly after, but until then there are still a few months left of hard labor, perfect working weather, and delicious farm fresh foods.

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