Our First Outdoor Planting

Our first outdoor planting commenced yesterday with 600 row feet of peas! We were able to get them in the back field before today’s rain, and we are hoping for the best. Our back field was fast to melt and the subtle slope made for easy drainage, thus the early planting. We will be succession planting more Sugar Snap peas in the back field as the season progresses.

Last Friday our shipment of onion plants arrived as part of our grant in conjunction with Unity College to study and document early, high profit crops for Maine farmers. There are now about 2000 onion plants in the hoop house that we will be harvesting as scallions and bunching onions by early summer for our markets and CSA.

Speaking of the CSA, we still have openings available for the 2014 Summer CSA through Siberia Farms. There is still time to join up and enjoy a full summer of fresh, locally grown veggies delivered directly to your door.

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